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SESBA training content and material

The training course will consist of comprehensive and structured course material that will cater for the current and future needs of advisors in the field of social entrepreneurship.

The curriculum will be formed as a structured set of learning modules. The training course will be accompanied by a guide for active and future consultants and will cover issues related to social economy, entrepreneurship, business planning, counseling, consulting methodology and techniques, practical recommendations for consulting as well as assessment methods. 

The curriculum is targeting not only business advisors who have the educational background and provide services to social entrepreneurship but also advisors who are interested in finding out which knowledge, skills and competences are required in order to extend their activities in the provision of advisory services in the social economy sector.

Download Educational Methodology in PDF format
Download Training Content in PDF format

Training Portal

A training portal that will host learning materials and implement e-learning functionality for the project users will be developed by July 2017 so as to allow self-training and peer-assessment as well as to offer the opportunity of the creation of a community for consultants in social sector.


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