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SESBA (Social Enterprise Skills for Business Advisers) is an EU funded project under Erasmus+ strategic partnerships, aimed at 

  • enhancing the profile of business advisors in order to better respond to the field of social entrepreneurship. 
  • developing new training practices and consulting techniques 
  • cultivating new practical advisory skills by business advisors in order to be able to encourage attributes of social entrepreneurship.

The duration of the project is of 36 months (09/2015-08/2018). 

The consortium is made up of seven partners from Greece, Italy, Malta, Bulgaria, Estonia and Ireland. The coordinator is Olympic Training & Consulting LTD from Greece. Militos Consulting is the Greek partner, Programa Integra is the Italian partner, Acrosslimits is the Maltese partner, Agricultural University of Plovdiv is the Bulgarian partner, QUIN-Estonia is the Estonian Partner and Limeric Institute of Technology is the Irish Partner. The direct target group of the project are the Business advisors, whilst the indirect target group are all potential or existing social entrepreneurs and local societies, stakeholders, chambers and policy makers.

The activities and related outcomes of the project include:

  • Extensive research that will depict the status of social entrepreneurship in the EU; relevant policies, structures and advisory services
  • Field research addressed at business advisers and social entrepreneurs in order to depict the qualifications needed for the effective provision of advisory services in social economy
  • The transfer of good practices from the social field to the business advisory for the development of new consulting techniques 
  • The development of a comprehensive business advisors’ training program that corresponds both to the established needs and to academic standards
  • The development of a training portal that will host the learning content and material 
  • Pilot training in the new consulting techniques
  • Assessment of the new consulting techniques in real conditions
  • Awareness raising among policy makers, stakeholders and all those involved in business advising, about the necessity of new consulting techniques for the provision of adequate services in the field of social economy.  

SESBA is expected to provide a milestone in the up-skilling of business advisors in terms of training tools and systematization of insight, knowledge and experience so far. 

Thus our intention through this project is to contribute to the investment in human resources in support of the social entrepreneurship field.


SESBA toolkit introduces alternative advisory techniques - based on more experiential procedures (which are common in the field of counseling services provision) and pathways for their successful implementation.


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